Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UKM graduation day - day no 3

soon...few more shots

bz bz weekend n m hepi

it has been a hectic 3 days of shooting..using the camera..testing n practising your ability..yep..still experimenting the wat through as it is always not a perfect situation everytime..low light, obstruction, lack of contrast, speed...in the last few days weekend..starting with our son 'grad' day to our daughter graduation day with photomarathon on saturday..and sunday is the rest day..only because decided not to go to motorGP in sepang otherwise another marathon by itself from friday to monday...not to mentioned few days one week ago bz with the PAM student works exhibition as sub-komiti member when at the same time taking few event shots n giving talk..

hepi2 be able to bring it out..