Tuesday, December 23, 2014

::My Analogue Journey No. 1::

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

pantai tok mek mas

Thursday, June 19, 2014

feris wheel

pilem pilem plastik plastik film film film

cant remember when was the year but during the national day parade in putrajaya when that was the last time i ever shot on film for the last time..even then never a black and white other than once in C41 ke something process..

correction: pardon me..now i remember joining a course to develop bnw film..yaya yaya..haish..let me find out when..

until i saw an advert in leica store for a second hand M6 with 50/f2 sumi on it..these are from the first roll..

saw my name here..still looking for the shots..


dah tahu..jumpa dah..7th feb 2010..check at the bottom here..

first shoot

still learning on d metering

same one..learning to teach

seemed out of focus..forgot la tu..

not sure by who and where..

kids having fun


serious discussion

expressing a point

chairman in action

family shot je la dulu

first one ni OOF

just realised..another shot


blank n blind

forgot to focus again



testing DOF


spiral..forgot nk focus once again


hupm exterior

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

buildings in sentral KL development

KLIA ceiling and roof canopy

KLIA ground plane parking

8-day old plane..and MAS is losing money but buying new planes

langkawi airport roof skylight

waiting for rented car

HIG apartment in langkawi island, malaysia




modern vs heritage

Monday, May 5, 2014

bagan lalang, sepang sun-set

when my daughter asked us to go to bagan lalang for family dinner on the labour day, my thought as a fotografer was, yes i know there would be sunset but besides a good weather is there any good subject to complement the sunset..anything..from foliage, island, building even-though not preferable being 'unnatural' unless a unique traditional sort of buildings..

i parked the car at the some sort of yard of the nearby hotel call sepang gold coast there..assumed only cuz saw a lot of these ???? i lost the term..

after i dropped my wife and one of my daughter at the stall to order the food as early so not to wait too long at the dinner time off-course after the sun-set..i understand that it sometimes took 45 minutes to 1 hour to get your order ready, i went straight to the beach..came prepared with landscape kit packed in a box fresh from mount bromo safari trip and a d5300 bought few days earlier..

hoping not much of a subject other than the sunset and the beach with the golden light, i walked to the beach at normal pace when i knew the resort might offer something for a subject but i noticed only the timber fence continued from the chain-link to mark their 'private' beach could be attractive enough..bolih ke pagar macam tu jer..all i know memang tak bolih but MALAYSIA boleh..i might b wrong though..but the fence is on the opposite left when the sun is on the right..and u cant cross to the other side..not so much a subject that you could not put into the composition now but came the month when the sun moves to the left then u might have a good subject..sun moves or rather earth moves..

suddenly i saw a bark of tree, a big one as you normally saw is inside the water but first i wonder how it get there or did someone purposely pulled the bark there especially but surely fellow fotografers looking for subject during an outing so must be few of them then to pull that heavy object..i dont know but it was good enough and i was so happy already when quickly set-up my tripod and started getting busy checking and looking for the composition..unfortunately the longer centre column was left at home when i could pull the whole bark within the water line rather than the horizon cutting across..

Saturday, March 15, 2014

orange project

just testing my new tripod -Jusino AX-253C (Carbon Fibre) Professional Traveller Series 3-Sections Tripod (Max Load 12kg) with BT-02 Professional Ballhead with Arca Swiss Quick Release System (QR Plate Included) (Max Load 15kg) (JSN-AX253C-BT02) 

comparing colours of canon 550d and nikon 5000d - seemed that canon gave more accurate colour but nikon was a bit saturated at-least the green colour 

comparing how is the background blur affected by the object distance to the camera

comparing fix background blur to aperture..look at the purple can especially which is seen bigger on the lower 120mm/f22@0.5distance..may be it is because of the illusion relative size of the orange can..see the composite foto below..