Thursday, January 8, 2015

::My Analogue Journey No. 3::

minolta X-700+MC W.ROKKOR-HG35/
back-hoe unloading cements

 materials ready for use

cement mixer



almost ready

morning train

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

::My Analogue Journey No. 2::

body: AE1 program
lense 1: FL135f2.5
lense 2: FD 50f1.8
film: Agfa Vista plus 200 next project is to try EBS,,exposing bothsides when first the film would be exposed as normal then reversed as redscale..

..i am still contemplating on which lense to use first bearing in-mind the subject for each of them or may be i would try both combinations..first half with 50 as normal then 135 as redscale and second half is the other way around.. it is a matter of finding subject for each shot or rather both shots..

..but first i need to read the manual of how to operate the lenses especially the FL lense on the body or both...?AGAIN?..with that red dot what not..