Sunday, January 26, 2014

jalan2 kat IJM rimbayu

it was a long drive from the third round-about of kota kemuning but may be as first time going somewhere you will feel it longer to reach the place..

they called it the the upper deck is the park with jogging track what not..i tot it was something like a road or interchange built early and later put to the actual use until we saw the layout and plan.. 

the ID decor made of bamboo but cut such way not straight..

husna posing in-front of the screened staircase

me next to the signage of the show gallery

one of the show unit kitchen deco

light through or rather skylight for the staircase and it brightened up the gloomy staircase we normally have in a terrace house..brilliant

the effect..

vertical green wall..we saw it unattended when we arrived...

...but we saw workers doing some maintenance when we wanted to leave 

steps going to the upper deck of the ARC

there are two phases already launched price ranging from rm600k plus...
and one inter-lot with land that we asked is 1m plus but rm999k plus after bumi discount..only available lots for sales now are bumi lot..

overall view from the model units' site

based on pallet design..