Sunday, September 16, 2007

light trail

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selamat berbuka puasa

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4th day of ramadhan

it has been a long week...and looking forward for today..the rain is wonderfully brightened the day..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

apakah perlu..semestinya...

read a notice on highway notice board...'kemalangan di km 3.6 hala ke timur...'how do i know which is west and which is east...baik tak payah cakap hala lagi baik..bikin orang tak confuse..semestinya kat depan tu la ada accident..or show the bound marks as always shown in other countries i.e USA umpamanya...for a local, u may know which direction is north in PLUS hi-way but i would not know either east/west or nort/south on besraya or kesas or elite for that matter..please la highway guys..mark your bound next to km signage or at least kalau batu jalan jkr dulu-dulu tu ada nama bandar dengan km or batu (la dulu-dulu) setiap kilometer sekali...makin ke belakang kita nampak gayenye...

Friday, July 6, 2007


you are slowing down approaching a toll plaza...lining your car in the right lane for the 'smart tag'...there is always on many occasion u saw this cars whizzing fast from behind to get into the same you have to do this...
at one time i stopped dead and let this guy go thru..
why are people behaving like this..
thinking that the road is only his..
come on man..

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

niat dan harapan

tujuh malam aku berlari
di celah barisan bintang
menggapai buih-buih hening
ke tepi ke tengah dibadai awan serabut
menunda sebuah harapan
jauh di hadapan bercampur gaul
dilambung-lambung angin sepoi
terbang lalu di celah gerhana
terumbang lagi di pinggir gegar
mananti tapi tak ingin berhenti
makin jauh tapi makin jelas
sudah yang ada tapi diarus
tak tergapai niat semalam
menanti tapi tak ingin berhenti
mungkin selama tujuh siang pula

bukit rimau

yellow box n putrajaya plate

this really pissed me off...
while waiting the light to turn green ensuring not in the yellow box in front of BOMBA putrajaya car just cut in-front and stayed in the box...what really caught me is that the no plate is 'putrajaya xxxx' and a lady driver..she might be in hurry but please this the kind of people whose living in the among the top well known city of the world...shame on you...balik kampong tanam sayor lagi baik..go back to your village and grow some vegetables la...geram betul

Saturday, June 30, 2007

photo postings

from now on..i will be posting photos to their specific category..refer to 'RELATED LINKS' for viewing...there might be repeated old postings...

Monday, June 11, 2007

kursus asas fotografi digital - report

the day came..

first day was a going thru session..on general understanding..

sifu hasnuddin abu samah

the second day where the things get deeper...i acknowlege that i had some basic knowledge but my knowledge has been deepened...and some new knowledge off coursre..on certain things that i took for granted like why wide angle lens has a petal flowery like hood..flush manual control...more on slow sync n minding and the right there practical demos were very helpful...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

pantai cherating

nice sandy beach but slightly dirty....rubbish left to look for the access..lots of small holders along the road..

teluk chempedak..boulders

be careful when swimming here..i saw that big beach drop when low tide..sure the drop will be covered then when on high tide...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

waris jari hantu..

attended the promo by accident while in kuantan..held in berjaya megamall kuantan..
attended by some of the cast..rusdi ramli, azean irdawati, nanu, and the ever beautiful heroin Maya Karin

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

3 divas

had the great opportunity to shoot these 3 divas during recent function..thanking my friend for inviting me

Friday, May 25, 2007

if it is just not you...

just have your own opinion... guy besides prayer matt along..ready to pray..the guy just took the matt and turn around for his place only leaving me with bare wet cold tiles... empty seat and space..ready to eat..went away a while to wash hand...came one guy..he just moved the plate to the side and have the sit and place for him..pakai jubah labuh gitu..alim la konon but...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

kursus asas fotografi digital

decided to joint-in because felt that you still need a 'guru' to teach you rather than just books, mags etc i.e. this sort of self-thought..macam ngaji quraan gak...
worth it to far have i will be on 9/6/07 from 2pm-7pm and 10/6/07 from 9am - 7pm at

Sunday, May 6, 2007

salam dan doa

hari ni aku berdoa
seperti hari-hari berlalu
salam buat saudaraku
pembuat kata seiring pembuka jalan
kerana mereka pernah berkata
dalam hidup mereka pernah menderita
sesekali dalam kebahagiaan
mencari rentak di dalam kekesalan
gerak gaya meniti masa
ke penghujung antara doa
meniti riak menentang arus
gelombang itu pernah tinggi
menggapai diri mencuit awan
sekalinya turun ia jatuh
berlari sedih ke arus tuju
entah ke hala mana
sambil itu berdoa lagi
sepertimana aku pernah bedoa
memberi salam selamat
sejahtera kelian sejahteranya alam
terus menanti dan mencari lagi
di balik mana adanya ia
salam aku sekali lagi

bukit rimau
10.55 malam

Monday, April 9, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

PAM members' night

this is the night for the new members where they were presented with their corporate membership after passing the Prt III professional examination...
held in planet hollywood, bukit bintang
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the decor
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the banner
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attire of the night
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some of the names i managed to jot down..congratulation to all esp my friend zaihan...proud as i were before

Monday, March 26, 2007

loooonnnngggg time...

back from the office this evening n saw this white envelope with red content seen thru the envelope window with MBSA logo..alamak apa lagi ni...kena saman apa pula mark on envelope is 20.3.07...opened it up n it was the receipt for the previous 'cukai pintu' dated 9.10.2006...the bill came to me sometime after 18.9.06 as post marked on the notice...5 months plus for a receipt to be mailed raised somewhat interesting remark..wonder if the MS ISO 9002 got to do with this lonnnngggg period of action...actual shots for u to wonder...
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notis supaya membayar tunggakan kadar...perasan mark in kuala lumpur tu...
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mailed back to me

Thursday, March 22, 2007

jalan ipoh traffic jam

some of u might have known this..either from star report on 20.3.07 or u have experienced yourself or u just happenned to observe by me that our office is on first mile of jalan ipoh...where the road is jam packed from monday 19.3.07 until today n i suspect until forever...for the whole day till may be around 9pm or so...all this because of the closure of lower tier interchanging lane by DBKL below the lrt overhead at the bulatan pahang near to is a pity for those people coming from jalan putra in front of PWTC turning into the slip road after the sg gombak bridge toward kompleks udarama and turn in to jalan ipoh...tonight a police patrol car was waiting for people trying to cut into that one way road where even a motorcycle was 'loud speaker'ed not to take the wrong way...i'll post some pix when i got a chance..may be tomorrow night being the friday eve where most of people will rush home at much earlier time for the weekend...

tough luck to leave early from the office for the site visit....but from what i heard that the lane has been reopened n that explains why there was no jam in front of the office when we were down to go to the mosque for the friday prayer...

29th march 2007...observe the traffic situation below the jln tun razak overhead bridge on jalan ipoh while waiting for the rain to stop..there was a policeman guiding the that whoever from bulatan pahang has to use lower on-ground road then u could go straight n joint back jln parlimen..what the snag is that..what is the straight lane now is actually a modification of right turn-only junction..but the modification is crroked where the road kerb is not straight as it is supposed to..n a little bumpy at the location which has created some delay action n not so smooth going thru for these cars...n without a proper signage somewhere could be seen..this will snag the trafic some more...please dbkl..put a little signage projecting from the bridge at may be 20 meters or so from the bridge n please properly straighten the lane n repair the bumpy entry for the sake of jln raja laut traffic turning into jalan ipoh n those coming from jalan putra thru jln 3/64A into jalan ipoh..please n please n please...i also cannot bear working while hearing the horn from all these hopeless drivers..

on the same note n situation..KESAS..please open up another bay of your guardrail so that the turning by the cars is much smoother n become faster into the contra flow lane...

Sunday, March 18, 2007


22.44pm...18.3.07...manage to get into and this is what i got then at 22.52pm when i hit the 'Daftar' button...hopefully i don't have to refill all the info again...

We are sorry. Our servers are currently busy.
Thank you.

Harap maaf. Sistem pelayan kami sedang sibuk.
Sekian, terima kasih.

then just notice this then when logged in for the 2nd time at 22.54 or so...

Gangguan Sistem e-Filing
Sistem e-Filing akan mengalami gangguan mulai jam 12:01 pagi sehingga 6:00 pagi, Selasa, 20 Mac 2007. Semasa gangguan ini semua proses yang melibatkan sijil digital tidak dapat digunakan. Harap Maklum.
ied again at 23.09...same thing

We are sorry. Our servers are currently busy.
Thank you.

Harap maaf. Sistem pelayan kami sedang sibuk.
Sekian, terima kasih.

last shot at 23.16pm...i give-up for d night

yes,..managed to log in last night 20.3.07...and saved it b4 i could send..just to inquire on the missing 'professional subscription fee'

FRIM waterfall

waterfall in FRIM..a reserved forest in the middle of kuala lumpur city...
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maths for life

for a spouse of a maths lecturer...this is my youngest daughter bag lying on the sofa n grab the cam nearby for the colour and text
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

LKM renewal

inspired by, on his experience with one government deaprtmnet...this is my experience at JPJ padang jawa, klang in getting my LKM..road make it sounds the parking ticket at 8.53am...parking is quite empty...and easy to find a spot..may be still early...some office matter to settle on the phone...walk to the info counter but quickly asked by an indian gentleman on the way on my purpose...i did not notice the tag...told him and politely asked me to proceed to pintu 5...wondering where is the queue ticket machine but none actually where u have to get it from the person in front of me and i got no A27...told her the space on registration card is filled already..old car..1988 saga ma...first car..but she said it is ok..waitted for my turn from turn came at counter 43 if not mistaken..cik haslina...nice smile from a beautiful girl..taklah masam gitu..sejuk je nunggu dia key-in the info..may be not many people but hopefully they are all always like that...bravo my rm70.00...puas juga cari info kat on the night before...may be a direct link at 'home' may be useful...even though the page in adobe reader format tagged as 'hot' link...
within one minute i'm round to get out and there are plenty more carpark spaces at the back...within 10 minutes, the charges is free and then rm2 for the next 2-hrs i my rm2 and chalo..all in within 15 minutes or so plus my time on the phone or otherwise i could have free parking...sorry tak ada gambar macam tokkok punye...

Sunday, March 11, 2007


shot this while waiting for car repair...the reflection of trees on the clear glass fixed panel...the smudgy but line-up machine...the nicely arranged engine oil bottle-pack and the drinking water bottles..add up to the composition...with blue, green, red n yellow colours...
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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

jom makan...

guess shot..AI servo and multi focus point..point n shoot...test your luck then
at giant, sek 13, shah alam while waiting they shop...
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at domino sek 9, shah alam while waiting they prepare the pizza..guarantee 15 minutes...9 minutes for 4 big pizzas...the time took to cook and pack ready to take out
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boxes..waiting n ready...
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