Saturday, March 15, 2014

orange project

just testing my new tripod -Jusino AX-253C (Carbon Fibre) Professional Traveller Series 3-Sections Tripod (Max Load 12kg) with BT-02 Professional Ballhead with Arca Swiss Quick Release System (QR Plate Included) (Max Load 15kg) (JSN-AX253C-BT02) 

comparing colours of canon 550d and nikon 5000d - seemed that canon gave more accurate colour but nikon was a bit saturated at-least the green colour 

comparing how is the background blur affected by the object distance to the camera

comparing fix background blur to aperture..look at the purple can especially which is seen bigger on the lower 120mm/f22@0.5distance..may be it is because of the illusion relative size of the orange can..see the composite foto below..

Sunday, March 9, 2014

air terjun


installation in progress

filling the water


jhca 2013