Monday, February 29, 2016

Camera: Nikon d5300

Lense: nikkor-h auto 1:1.8 f=85mm (262785)

1. Nothing particular to shoot over the weekend.

2. I have no model for portraiture shoot.

3. These were from one of the tray.

4. google soh tulis sikit nk kasi advert lepas..x de modal lar nak tulis..tengok sendiri lah amenda nye nim..

group photo

this FM2 was so happened in the same tray

this halina also was so happened in the same tray

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Part 111
Pin-hole box timber toy camera
Part 1v

Camera: Timber Box

Lense: Pinhole
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Develop: Caffenol 24mins-->fixer agitated 30sec (mistake)-->stop 7mins

Scan: Epson V600

1. i loaded the pin-hole box camera with 24 exposure-kodak Gold 200.

2. i guesstimated the exposure based on the previous experiment.

3. i developed it using the recycle caffenol from earlier batch but added 4 minutes to become 24 minutes.

4. unfortunately i made a mistake by pouring and for good 30 second when i realised that it was a fix rather than a stop which the stop bath mix was in the fridge for cooling. 

5. on the good side that i know the placement of pin-hole to the external of the front plate had the images captured within the whole frame rather than formed a circle within the frame as before.

6. the roll was partially cut and developed.

6. few samples that i managed to salvaged from that 'early fix under-exposure' development..



7. even then it was a guess on the negatives' slack that it could be either from under-exposure metering in the first place (most unlikely looking at the similar outcomes at perforated edge which was consistence with the rest the negative)or not enough development time because of recycle mix due to weaker mix or that mistake of 'early' fixing OR may be because of the negative itself which is from a colour film rather than a true B&W film. 

8. will take few more shoots from the balance of the film sometime tomorrow.
Part 11

Camera: Yashica-Mat

Lense: Lumaxar 1:3.5 f=80m 46109
Film: Fomapan 100
Develop: Caffenol-C 20min
Scan: Epson V600
Edit: LR5

1. time to develop some plastic.

2. early in the morning after the breakfast, i walked around the neighbourhood.

3. i shot 12 frames with yashica-mat camera..see below for the images.

the guy

4. images edited with LR5 as the original images were flat.

5. sample of one of the original image.

6. edited images..more added contrast and clarity..exposure was also adjusted where needed.




..standing 1..

..standing 2..

the frame seemed stuck that 
i had to coil and shoot the above two similar images








Part 1

1. i found the formula here.

2. i only need 485ml for this jobo tank.

3. the formula was based on 1000ml from that page to make a 500ml. solution.

4. first was the cofee..nescafe..a regular instant coffee that cost rm6.75 for a bottle of 50g..that is 14 sen/g..only 27g is a total of rm3.65..a bit expensive to time i would get the generic tesco brand for rm17.99/500g @ 3.6 sen/g = 97sen/mix.

4. next ingredient was 8g of washing soda..i bought a pack of 55oz (1,560g) for almost rm50.00 if not mistaken..that was 3 sen/g which gave total cost of only 24sen/mix..the rest of the powder would be used for laundry i supposed.

5. next was the vitamin C..since i bought the tablet type that i crushed about 15 tablets for 24g powder, the extra 4g was to make-up for other components of the pills..the pill costed rm85.90/1500 tablets = 57 sen/tablet wich gave total cost of rm8.59..the most expensive..i am getting one from ebay at rm96.00/1000g > 9.6sen/g x 20g = rm1.92/mix

6. the mix then was cooled down in the fridge until about 19d C.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pin-hole box timber toy camera
Part 111

the scene at 1/125, f16, iso 400

 1 count

  2 counts

  3 counts

 4 counts

  1 count

 2 counts

 3 counts

4 counts

5 counts