Friday, March 8, 2013

paka trip

we left KL around 6.30 and arrived in cherating for a quick siam style food dinner around 9.30 at a place called aiman seafood...we planned to stop by a gas station to asked direction seblom one of us managed to find using the car navigation system yg x pernah tuan dia ni amek tahu..but noticed a group of mak aji n pak aji were having dinner so why not check this place..3 org abis rm49.80..proceed to holiday villa up 7.5km from this place only be given 2 breakfast coupons when earlier booked spesifically asked for 3 single beds means three guys la..finally she realised n issue another coupon..opened d door n with one king bed..aiyya salah lagi ke..kawan minta kunci g balik n ohyooo mmg salah bilik lar tadi..went to next room from 122 to 123..

esok lpas bfast we proceeded to has been like 20 over years i passed this trengganu/pahang border when i was only in cherating last december christmas time..from single lane even some part without side lane the roads became 2 cars plus 1 motor lane as big as d car lane which i drove thru without realizing that was the motorcycle lane..dlm hati..kaya nganu kiterrr..

we finished the visit or rather briefing on wat we were looking for, we headed for lunch at a side road restaurant next to a river for ayam kg n ulam..cost us rm55 for 5 people...haiyyyaaa cheaper loh..makanan pun sodap..itu la beza kt kawasan tourist price ngan pekan cowboy paka further north...walhal bukan nya ada air-cond ke spesel place for these two places...

time to cari keropok lekor n kawan yg teman kami pun x pasti which area since we were up further north from kemaman or cherating where a lot of these stalls along the road..cap kren lagi dulu tu..jumpa satu tempat which sempat borong apa yg ada trmasuk sata segera..yet to goreng rasa lagi ni..may be esok lah..

took jerangau jabor to get back to KL starting around 3 pm after we dropped our helpful friend at paka 2 PSS.. and reached office dah pkol 7.00 ptg with brief nap sbb gantuk sanagt kt gambang RnR if not mistaken..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

70-200f4 got fixed

dah lama holding frm sending it to canon to get fixed but managed to find time to send n after about a month due to some break for CNY the lense was collected last 2 fridays..abis rm700 lebih..tapi nmpak dia jam sikit giving err mesh masa test panning on 27/2/13 during motogp winter testing kt sepang tu..till checking since the warranty is one month only..