Thursday, June 19, 2014

feris wheel

pilem pilem plastik plastik film film film

cant remember when was the year but during the national day parade in putrajaya when that was the last time i ever shot on film for the last time..even then never a black and white other than once in C41 ke something process..

correction: pardon i remember joining a course to develop bnw film..yaya yaya..haish..let me find out when..

until i saw an advert in leica store for a second hand M6 with 50/f2 sumi on it..these are from the first roll..

saw my name here..still looking for the shots..

dah tahu..jumpa dah..7th feb 2010..check at the bottom here..

first shoot

still learning on d metering

same one..learning to teach

seemed out of focus..forgot la tu..

not sure by who and where..

kids having fun


serious discussion

expressing a point

chairman in action

family shot je la dulu

first one ni OOF

just realised..another shot


blank n blind

forgot to focus again



testing DOF


spiral..forgot nk focus once again


hupm exterior

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

tasek perdana canopy

buildings in sentral KL development

KLIA ceiling and roof canopy

KLIA ground plane parking

8-day old plane..and MAS is losing money but buying new planes

langkawi airport roof skylight

waiting for rented car

HIG apartment in langkawi island, malaysia




modern vs heritage