Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Project: Minimalist offices interior

Architect/Designer: Various

Source: Dezeen

simple and clean

Project: Brick House 

Architect: A for Architecture

Source: Archdaily

bricky breezy

Project: Cañete Productive House Architect: Seinfeld Arquitectos

Source: Archdaily

humble materials

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Film Loading

1. Bulk Film

oo..the film, the loader and the rest of other stuff..once loaded then the taping, rolling and cutting could be done under lighting..oo was loaded in the total darkness..the leader was out and loader marked with film type and ISO..oo of empty canisters (vintage)..oo


oo..rolled..where the canister were marked with film type, ISO and number of frames..oo

2. Sheet film

Dark Room

 1. Finally a dark room had been set-up after a long time being delayed due work and family commitment.

2. It was the second bathroom within the studio.

3. The first part of the exercise is to do the wiring and setting up the light-seal.

4. The second part is to tidy up (really?) the messy wiring by putting up cable hangers (DIY - made up of toothbrush hangers) and putting up the table-top.

5. The table-top was a left over plywood sheets from previous work for the studio.

6. The supports for the bench are two open cabinets and the sink.

oo..overall view..oo

oo..seen here were 4x5 sheet films inside the box & film holders and bulk film with loader and empty canisters..oo

oo..exhaust fan..oo

oo..DIY wiring from existing light point..oo

oo..corner of table top chamfered to make way for door to close..oo fan seen with light seal cover..o

oo..washing place..the sink was used for table top support..oo

oo..light seal..oo

oo..light seal..oo

Monday, November 28, 2016

Camera: Cambo SC 4x5

Lense: FUJINON SW 90mm f/8
Film: Fomapan 100
Develop: Stearman Press SP-76EC developer 10 minutes
Scan: Epson V600 x2

1. It was a bright morning with a bit of golden light.

2. Brought the camera out and set it not far from my front gate in-order to get familiar how to operate.

3. An old black t-shirt was used to cover the head during focusing.

4. I was using f32 to f36 to control the DOF and speed was around 1/30 to 1/60 whereby a remote cable was used.

5. There were 2 film holders so they were 4 frames ready to be exposed.

6. Then i moved to a neighbourhood park with lake view.

..getting ready..




o..first try..the remote cable was in-view..huhh need to be careful to ensure not repeating the same mistake..o view on first set-up..o

o..the GAMUDA WALK building 

o..small island within the kota kemuning lake..o

Monday, November 21, 2016

Camera: KODAK Advantix LCD preview

Lense: Zoom 25-65mm 2.6x
Film: 1. Fujifilm NEXIA 400 - super expired
2. Fujifilm NEXIA A200
Develop: Bang Bang Geng, Publika
Scan: Bang Bang Geng, Publika

Fujifilm NEXIA A200

..afternoon sun from my bedroom window..
..due to low light that the camera 
was held onto the grill bars..

..entrance awning of one of the earlier malls,
pertama complex, kuala lumpur

..i have not been into this place.. used to be a cinema but due to modernisation of cinemas where they are now placed in a shopping complexes rather than an independent building.. canopy of one of the later designed modern buildings..

..few highrises along jalan tuanku abdul rahman, kuala lumpur..

..low-cost hotel recently completed and yet to operate..

..early morning traffic along jalan sultan ismail, kuala lumpur..

..monorail.. affordable accommodation when earlier public housing managed to be in the city centre.. or rather plant in our garden..

..neighbourhood KAWASAN LAPANG next to our house..

..early mornign on the highway.. block in our neighbourhood.. are blooming..view from our rear balcony..

Camera: KODAK Advantix LCD preview
(UPDATED with description to photos on 25th November 2016)

Lense: Zoom 25-65mm 2.6x
Film: 1. Fujifilm NEXIA 400 - super expired
2. Fujifilm NEXIA A200
Develop: Bang Bang Geng, Publika
Scan: Bang Bang Geng, Publika

1. I alighted at Bank Negara Station, one station ahead of my actual stop.

2. Took a stroll along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

3. The film duly loaded in the earlier similar camera but not working.

4. Since it was early morning, i figured a 400 film is suitable.

5. After finishing the roll i loaded the the 200 NEXIA A200 film.

 Fujifilm NEXIA 400 - super expired

 ..woww..terkejut saya tengok bangunan bank negara ni nak dirobohkan..katanya untk dijadikan kolej kewangan or something yang berkaitan dengan kewangan..

 ..KOMUTER train melepasi stesen BANK NEGARA, kuala lumpur..

..BANK NEGARA tower..the central bank of malaysia..

 ..rough cast concrete building..a trend at the particular period or may be lack of fund due to a country newly became independent..

 ..try to catch the early sun morning rays..

 fencing between the compound and the KOMUTER station..

 ..a KOMUTER train passing by shot from the overhead bridge..

..jalan kucing but quite empty going out of the town.. of the office building through the tree branches..

 ..bandaraya LRT station..

 ..among the earlier modern shopping mall..SOGO..

 ..the CIMB tower..

 ..the staircase..the glass wall was added later to block the rain coming into the landing i supposed..

 ..KLCC petronas twin-tower from far..

 ..JKR twin tower..a public work department office block..

 ..CIMB bank tower..

 ..SOGO and the PERTAMA shopping complex office tower..


 ..newspaper stall..